Competitive Weight Loss Programs – Gamble on Yourself and Do it in Teams

Are you running in circles with your weight loss program? Why not try these tips to keep you motivated: gamble on yourself and do it with teams.Gamble on YourselfTake a cue from the poker trend. Wager against a friend and see who can shed the most pounds. This technique is really proven to be an excellent motivation to lose weight faster. Men do really well when they make weight loss a competitive game.The best part of having a competition is that you motivate each other toward a common goal. Involve your family and be inspired by the show “The Biggest Loser.”Try it in Teams and Make it Long TermTake this competition to the next level and try it in teams. You will want to win the bet and you will also learn to watch each other’s back. By working as a team, you will learn to avoid letting down your teammates. Healthy competition can, indeed, bring the absolute best in people.Losing weight is all about better healthy. Set aside the scenario where someone who can lift the most wins. It would be futile to have someone win the prize and end up tearing his rotator cuff. Instead, I recommend swimming relay or a 5-K run.I also recommend a long-term competition. Weigh yourselves and try again after six months or a year. Do not just compete for two weeks. It will just be the usual weight loss game where the winner ends up regaining what he lost.